• Lemon green tea
    Light green tea with fresh lemon juice
  • Passionfruit green tea
    Cool, refreshing tea with real passion fruit bits
  • Orange green tea
    Green tea with refreshing orange juice filled with Vitamin C and anti-oxidants
  • Grapefruit green tea
    Green tea with real grapefruit pulps for a totally sweet and refreshing taste
  • Mango green tea
    Real mango infused with green tea
  • Strawberry cocoa
    A mix of 2 Sharetea favorites – strawberry and cocoa – for that unique blend of sweet and sour
  • Wintermelon with lemon
    A traditional refreshing Taiwanese drink
  • Wintermelon with jelly strips
    Perfect combination of refreshing wintermelon and chewy jelly strips
  • Peach fruit tea with aloe vera
    Pulpy peach with green tea and aloe vera
  • Lemon kumquat fruit tea with plum
    Sweet and fruity tea with a hint of sourness
  • Honey lemon with aloe and lychee de coco
    Another perfect combination of sweet honey and sour lemon
  • Kiwi with ice jelly fruit tea
    Homemade jelly with fresh kiwi fruit
  • Aloha fruit tea
    A refreshing mix of apple, pineapple, passionfruit and orange
  • Passionfruit, orange & grapefruit tea
    A mix of 3 natural and healthy fruit juices, topped with plum